The summer pant. Garment Dyed Chinos…Duh.


When it comes to cool summer days and hot summer nights, you sometimes have to look further than simply the quintessential pair of shorts.  Not that I don’t enjoy a good pair of thigh highs, but it just seems so-typical.  Honestly, some days no matter what the temperature is, you wake up and think, “I just don’t want to wear shorts today.”  I don’t fault you for it.  It’s totally normal.

Meet my new best friend.  The Garment Dyed Chinos from  The site boasts of one of the most user friendly shopping experiences a guy could hope for-while season after season putting out some major staples to any man’s wardrobes.  Check it out. 

Seriously, dudes.  This pant has some big-time amenities while offering great fit and comfortability.  Giving a bit more structure for all of your ever moving summer activities, they’re freedom-for the refined man.  These richly hued, garment-dyed pants come in fantastic neutrals to balance out all of the light-bright colors I’m seeing for shirts this summer.  But the fit is definitely my favorite part.  Tapered from the knee down-they’re slim fitting but still classically styled.  Which means a major victory for those of us who want well fitting but still classy pants.


What to wear them with:

While I would put chino pants down as one of the most versatile pieces in a man’s wardrobe, I do have a couple suggestions.   1) Since the pants themselves are very refined, feel free to really bring out the crazy up top.  A floral shirt like the one seen in the photo above is a great way to create an element of playfulness in your outfit.  2) To rock a more urban vibe, pair them with combat boots and a cool leather jacket. The pants dress it up a bit while still keeping you cool with the twill fabric.  I personally rock this kind of look alot-try using the grey slim tailored pair with a red top.  Slate goes oh so good with red.  3) Probably the most classy way to sport the Garment Dyed Chino is to pair them with a nice button up and blazer (Also shown below).  Polish up the look by rolling the cuffs and adding some dramatic lace ups.  To dress it down just a tad, add some leather or metal bracelets to give you that “edgy-cool” factor that everyone wants!  

Honestly, you can’t really screw it up.  Chino pants are a great way to balance just about any outfit.  Have fun.  And be sure to check out




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Florals. For spring? Groundbreaking.

I never thought I would say this in a million years, but I’m about to recommend florals for summer.  Like I’m going to actually suggest that you wear them.  I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to jump on the bandwagon, but in all seriousness, this is a trend I’m starting to fall in love with.  So without further ado, here’s my crash course on how to pull it off.


So you may not be ready to don this head to toe Givenchy couture look-only the truly ambitious can, but there are definitely ways to incorporate this toughly soft look into everyday wardrobe.  Think subtlety, layering, and balance!  The easiest way to pull it off in moderation is to layer it under a great jacket or sweater.  Cutting the craziness off by adding some neutral solids will water down the look to make it a bit more accessible.



Like these three looks from Dries Van Noten, adding a blazer can do wonders!  I also love the floral shorts-which would be my second recommendation.  Shorts are everyone’s summer staple so why not shake it up a little bit below waistline but leave the torso as usual?   Again, think about adding the opposing force to the vibrant florals with a solid or simple top.  Balance, my friend. Balance.

Here’s another great example of floral shorts from


Lastly, another “easy A” way to achieve floral fame is by adding floral accessories to your normal get ups.  Hats, ties, scarves, belts…the possibilities are endless in this realm.  Go ahead, get a little outrageous!


So what have we learned?  Moderation and balance are key, but besides that, have fun.  That’s the whole point right?  Florals are unexpected-let’s keep it that way!






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The Classic Chad White Cut.

New hair ya’ll. It’s almost summer in Nebraska and the last thing I want to worry about is styling my hair in the humidity. Buzzed hair is the new pompadour. OBVI.


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Rock Appeal.

Everybody needs a little bit of rock and roll in their summer line up.  While a leather jacket is the easiest and most accessible option, this editorial from Essential Homme will hopefully get your creative juices pumping.  Think changing up textures and adding some great accessories to polish up your look.


Advertorial Credits:

Martin Waitt – Fashion Editor/Stylist

Dae Na – Model

Nikola Jovanovic – Model

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Life Coach.


A couple of my friends got me this incredible bag as a gift this weekend! Now, if you know me, you know I’m a bag junky. Or in better terms-a bag connoisseur. This bag is definitely my current object of affection! Basically the same size as a large clutch but with a heavy duty shoulder strap, it’s the best of both worlds. And since I can’t be trusted with leather while canvas always gets dirty, Coach’s signature PVC is the perfect choice for those of us who put our bags through a rough and tumble life! It’s the kind of bag that you can toss your keys and wallet into and head off to dinner whether it’s super dressed up or completely casual.

It’s heavy duty. It’s the perfect size. It’s masculine. It’s stylish. It’s perfect.

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