Omaha Fashion Week

Over the past five years, Omaha Fashion Week has become the Midwest’s premiere fashion event. I love the energy, the lights, and an excuse to get a little bit crazy in my outfit selection! The whole week is just sheer magic-not just because its a week of runway shows but because of how up close and personal of a view you get into these amazing designers’ collections! And due to the more intimate size of the Omaha fashion scene, the event has an almost tangible sense of community! I love it! And as I make my way down to the tents in the Capitol district in head to toe Zara, I’m as pumped as ever!

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Fall Menswear Picks

Fall Menswear Picks

This fall is an awesome time to be a man in the world of fashion! I mean truly I’ve never been more excited to embrace both rugged masculinity and cutting edge design simultaneously! Although slow and steady, menswear has continued to progress into a more and more fearless wake where men can truly express themselves however they want to. It’s empowering to know that ultimately you can throw whatever you feel like on your back only to be met with thousands of other men across the world who are taking the same risks. The sense of community only gets stronger season to season.

With that, fall is definitely my favorite time of the year. Mostly just because of how flexible your wardrobe becomes. You can dress things up or down with ease using layers, sweaters, and jackets. And further more, THIS fall in particular, I’m really excited for what some of my favorite designers are showing! Here are some of my “top picks” as we go into the autumn season.

Harem pants and dressed up sweat pants. It definitely took some getting used to for a denim and leather guy like me to rock some sweat pants, but due to the million editorial ads popping up featuring these comfy trouser alternatives, I’ve gotten some good ideas. It’s like one part thug, one part dancer, one part Japanese street fashion. Try pairing them with a tight graphic T and some over the top high tops. Or if you’re really daring, a button up and some chain necklaces. The whole concept is playing with the cross section between urban and dressy, so take advantage of the freedom you have with this look! Although you might not be ready to drop 455 on some gorgeous navy Balmain drop crotch pants (pictured above), there are a million other more affordable options if you will only take a few minutes to search for them. Mine are from Zara and only cost me a square 59 dollars.

Animal print. It’s obviously not a big surprise that I’m a fan of this, but I think ultimately this is just becoming more and more of a staple part of the urban fashionista’s wardrobe. This is the third or fourth year that animal print has been on the rise-hopefully it’s here to stay! If a shirt or pant is too bold for you, try some printed accessories like the above leopard newsie hat from Zara or a bag with animal print details!

Leather Applique. Combining leather with cotton is a MUST HAVE trend for the fall. I mean atleast half of Zara’s fall collection utilizes leather. It’s kind of a big deal. I purchased the above Zara T-Shirt with leather sleeves just last week and have gotten A MILLION compliments on it. This fall, leather is being used in really sophisticated ways which is an exciting departure from its more rugged years before! It’s the perfect time to try it!

Enjoy and have fun with fashion this fall. That’s the WHOLE point!

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Neon-Negotiable. 5 Ways to Rock Neon!

photo 1_Fotor
I would consider myself to neither be all for or all against trends.  If something new comes out that I would like to try, I do it.  If something “trendy” comes out that I hate, I just let it go and move on.  I’m not going to let some magazine tell me what to wear based on “trends” but still would definitely not consider myself to be a trend “hater”.  Part of the fun of fashion is that you can at will try something new or change your look up…trends have alot to do with this.

On to what I really wanted to write about-one of my favorite more “trendy” looks, is adding neon to your everyday clothing.  While I understand that this can be a bit overwhelming, here are five tips to try when it comes to working neon into your wardrobe!

1) The neon cuff.  This is a super simple way to add neon to virtually ANY look.  I wear mine with just about anything to give it that special “POP”.  And when you can buy them at most fashion stores for dirt cheap, the risk comes at a low cost price!  I got mine at H&M for $3.95.


2) The neon sheer shirt.  A really easy way to mute the abrasiveness of the neon is to buy a top that has a sheer quality to it and layer it over a grayscale color.  I wear mine (from Zara) over a simple white A undershirt, and the perks of wearing something really cooling are innumerable when you come from a hot climate like Nebraska!

3)  The neon sneaker.  While granted, I normally disagree with too much color in footwear-some people pull it off radically.  For some of you, it’s a whole lot less intimidating to add the neon drama to your feet than to eye, chest, or waist level.  Nike makes some awesome neon yellow hightops!  I would highly recommend checking there first!

4) The neon stocking cap.  Shown in my outfit as well.  This cap can be found in a host of stores right now as well and is the perfect way to add an urban flair to even the most dressy looks.  Try adding it to a button up.  Seriously…try it.  But seriously.

5) The neon shorts.  While this is perhaps the most difficult of the five to pull off, it’s merely a case of comfortability.  There are not a lot of ways of minimizing the brightness of neon shorts (of course if you’re daring enough to wear them to begin with, you’re PROBABLY not thinking about minimizing brightness), so choose a top wisely.  Personally, I love a good white linen button up with neon shorts or even just a simple white v-neck.

Point being, have fun and don’t be afraid to try something new this summer!  Live a little!

photo 2_Fotor


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Daring with dependable. Editorial.


I love a good editorial.  And this shoot from REFLEX magazine is one of my current favorites.  Whoever styled this is OBVIE a pro at taking things that might seem a bit extreme or strange and using layering to make them really wearable!  I especially love the blazers and bowties!  I’m constantly trying to learn from editorial styling as well…point being, that layering is in fact an awesome way to really rock that piece you’re afraid of wearing.

Unless you’re the kind of person who just loves to wear clothes purely for wearing clothes sake, balance is something you probably really care about.  I don’t blame you.  I don’t exactly  identify with you, but none the less, I figured it would go a long way to address it.  

At some point or another, every one of us has been in a store where you either loved the way something looked on a display or perhaps an expert salesman talked you into trying something new.  You went ahead and took the plunge and made the purchase, but the item has sat in your closet ever since.  I would highly suggest googling images of the look you purchased to help you visualize someone who has successfully pulled off your look and then try layering your piece with something a little bit more subtle.  Wear a neon bow-tie with a SIMPLE and muted button up.  Or rock that oversized gold bib with with a plain black t-shirt.  You’re way more prone to re-wearing something and definitely being more comfortable with your outfit if it’s not completely overwhelming.  So pair your daring with your dependable. Best of luck in your fashion endeavors and have fun!ImageImageImageImageImage

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Menswear is about subtlety. It’s about good style and good taste.
-Alexander McQueen

I’m not quite for sure what to think about this quote. Alexander McQueen isn’t exactly known for subtlety. Even his menswear-which undoubtedly across the board in fashion is much more boring than womenswear… What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with the quote?

As McQueen would say…

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