A ring thing!

I slept with this ring on… Accidentally. But hey, my hand looked like a rock star last night-too bad my hair can’t say that. Speaking of rings, I highly suggest pairing a big blinged sort with just about anything (minus athletic wear) in moderation. One thing that is trending on the runways this season is pairing unlikely genres of fashion with one another. ie Button up with a bow tie and colored chinos paired with silver studded ring and bracelet! The key to any great style if it might be a bit unconventional is to make it intentional and wear it with confidence. You can pull off a world of risky looks and cover for yourself on the occasional faux pas by rocking a smile (and apparently an edgy ring or two). Have an awesome day fashionistas and friends who love me enough to read this!

Coriander and other stylish herbs. (OFW Daywear)

Google defines “daywear” as a”articles of casual clothing suitable for informal or everyday occasions.”  I’m not convinced that many of the styles were very wearable for everyday occasions on last Friday night’s daywear show. All definitions aside, the night was spectacularly chock full of intensely detailed pieces and stand out separates!  Some of my absolutely favorites which I HIGHLY recommend checking out and making a few local purchases from are the following:

Audra McAvaddy for Coriander

Audra clearly knows a thing or two about sewing.  Her designs remind me of an elegant patchwork of sorts-which I personally would have never defined as stylish before seeing this fabulous line!  Audra succesfully evolved a primative look into something so chic and cutting edge.  Every piece looked like it had just recently been taken from an ANTHROPOLOGIE rack-and I mean that in the best possible way!  Not only did her construction please-her colors (although really daring) truly amazed me as well.  My favorite parts of the line were her paradigmatic green knit socks that were shown with each model’s shoes (shown below) and the metal cuffs which adorned many of the model’s get up. She is absolutely a pioneer of sorts-seriously, check her stuff out.  Seriously.  You won’t be disappointed!

Check out their website and style blog here: http://hellocoriander.com/


Shamina Wiek for Pastel Groove House

Pastel Groove House is known for bright colors, vibrant patterns, and playful silhouettes-Friday night’s line was not disappointing!  High wasted short dresses and neons were the name of the game this time around-granted, for most people, pairing such intense patterns would result in severe clash, as separates, Pastel Groove House’s designs are guaranteed to brighten up your fall wardrobe!  Check them out at: https://www.facebook.com/PastelGROOVEHouse

All good things must come to an end…

With Omaha Fashion Week coming to a close last night, I’m not quite for sure what I’ll do with my evenings! The week was magical without sounding completely cheesy… I’ll be posting more details and full coverage of the finale and daywear nights later this week so stay tuned! Thanks all OFW sponsors, models, designers and volunteers for an incredible time!


Evening Wear for Omaha Fashion Week

As satin, sequins, and draping strutted up and down the runway I could not help but think about how proud I was of being part of the Omaha fashion scene-even if I don’t really contribute to it.  The level of talent, creativity, and construction is mind blowing!  Some of my favorite looks of the evening were the following:


Casper Couture by Leah Casper: Lots of metallics here!


Stylishly Chic from Lameesha Stuckey:  This look is quite possibly my favorite from the whole night!  Lameesha’s clothes are bright, trendy, and extremely wearable.  I loved her detail work with the sequins as well as that despite some major color changes, she stayed true to a design aesthetic.  So fun and therefore so marketable!


Buf Reynolds is a legend in the Omaha fashion world and absolutely lived up to that prestige last night!  Focusing on long draped silhouettes, the ombre (a fancy way of saying fading or changing) dyed dresses were eye catching and even thought provoking.  I caught up with her before the show to get some details on the inspiration behind her incredible flowing, beautiful, but yet somehow romantically dark dress line.  Referring to her design process, “It’s always very emotional for me, this is my sort-of therapy. So this is about letting go and has a very 30’s elegance.  They’re all ombre dyed so it’s supposed to look almost like the color is leaving the dress.  It’s like a fading memory where things start to become less vivid.  Less clear.  So it’s just about letting go of the past and trying to move on.”  I have personally never felt such strong emotion from a line.  Creating a somber feel with music and background video, each model paced down the runway as though they were caught in a haze of what once was.  There was a tangible sense of awe and reminiscence in the audience.  I had the chills.  More than a show, it felt as though I was reading Buf’s journal or story.  Truly incredible.  The above and below were some of my favorite ones!  Enjoy.


Creative Confession.

Being around designers and style bloggers at Omaha Fashion Week has been extremely thought provoking and inspiring.  I would definitely consider myself a creative junky but there are many times where it feels like the creative juices are starting to be sapped out.  Such a time as lately.  The desire to create is insatiable and steadfast but sometimes the format for how I go about it or the ideas themselves seem to fall short of the desire.  The blank page.  As Blaine Hogan states “It has so much power.  Some days it’s terrifying, sometimes thrilling, but mostly it’s just plain old scary.” As a creative, it’s my job to fill blank pages with something awesome.  But the process of going from nothing to awesomeness is problematic.  Sometimes I can go into a choreography session and come out completely empty handed-yet it’s my job to produce something-so I have to keep going.  I am convinced that outside of the most important parts of creative process (I believe them to be old fashioned repetitive hard work, forcing yourself to make something even when you don’t feel like it and exposing yourself to other art, music, dance, etc.), is simply being around other creatives.  Now if you know me at all, you know that I am without a doubt one of the worst drawers/painters there has ever been.  If I had to draw as if my life depended on it-I would undoubtedly be dead within a few minutes.  I. Am. Terrible. None the less I do try and engage in dialogue with people who are good at this type of creative work…one of them being my new friend Audi Helkuik.  Audi is one of the most talented and interesting designers I’ve ever met.  Even just after a brief conversation about creative process and inspiration (which she knows ALOT about), I walked away feeling refreshed and ready to keep dancing, writing, making.  I don’t know a lick about design, but just hearing someone else’s point of view and what gets them alive and breathing creates common desire to do the same.  To likely alive, creative, and life bringing as them!  So thank you Audi, you may not have known it, but your words and ideas bring life and creativity!


P.S.  Check out her blog @ http://audiohelkuik.com/ and buy her clothes!