Creative Confession.

Being around designers and style bloggers at Omaha Fashion Week has been extremely thought provoking and inspiring.  I would definitely consider myself a creative junky but there are many times where it feels like the creative juices are starting to be sapped out.  Such a time as lately.  The desire to create is insatiable and steadfast but sometimes the format for how I go about it or the ideas themselves seem to fall short of the desire.  The blank page.  As Blaine Hogan states “It has so much power.  Some days it’s terrifying, sometimes thrilling, but mostly it’s just plain old scary.” As a creative, it’s my job to fill blank pages with something awesome.  But the process of going from nothing to awesomeness is problematic.  Sometimes I can go into a choreography session and come out completely empty handed-yet it’s my job to produce something-so I have to keep going.  I am convinced that outside of the most important parts of creative process (I believe them to be old fashioned repetitive hard work, forcing yourself to make something even when you don’t feel like it and exposing yourself to other art, music, dance, etc.), is simply being around other creatives.  Now if you know me at all, you know that I am without a doubt one of the worst drawers/painters there has ever been.  If I had to draw as if my life depended on it-I would undoubtedly be dead within a few minutes.  I. Am. Terrible. None the less I do try and engage in dialogue with people who are good at this type of creative work…one of them being my new friend Audi Helkuik.  Audi is one of the most talented and interesting designers I’ve ever met.  Even just after a brief conversation about creative process and inspiration (which she knows ALOT about), I walked away feeling refreshed and ready to keep dancing, writing, making.  I don’t know a lick about design, but just hearing someone else’s point of view and what gets them alive and breathing creates common desire to do the same.  To likely alive, creative, and life bringing as them!  So thank you Audi, you may not have known it, but your words and ideas bring life and creativity!


P.S.  Check out her blog @ and buy her clothes!  


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