Evening Wear for Omaha Fashion Week

As satin, sequins, and draping strutted up and down the runway I could not help but think about how proud I was of being part of the Omaha fashion scene-even if I don’t really contribute to it.  The level of talent, creativity, and construction is mind blowing!  Some of my favorite looks of the evening were the following:


Casper Couture by Leah Casper: Lots of metallics here!


Stylishly Chic from Lameesha Stuckey:  This look is quite possibly my favorite from the whole night!  Lameesha’s clothes are bright, trendy, and extremely wearable.  I loved her detail work with the sequins as well as that despite some major color changes, she stayed true to a design aesthetic.  So fun and therefore so marketable!


Buf Reynolds is a legend in the Omaha fashion world and absolutely lived up to that prestige last night!  Focusing on long draped silhouettes, the ombre (a fancy way of saying fading or changing) dyed dresses were eye catching and even thought provoking.  I caught up with her before the show to get some details on the inspiration behind her incredible flowing, beautiful, but yet somehow romantically dark dress line.  Referring to her design process, “It’s always very emotional for me, this is my sort-of therapy. So this is about letting go and has a very 30’s elegance.  They’re all ombre dyed so it’s supposed to look almost like the color is leaving the dress.  It’s like a fading memory where things start to become less vivid.  Less clear.  So it’s just about letting go of the past and trying to move on.”  I have personally never felt such strong emotion from a line.  Creating a somber feel with music and background video, each model paced down the runway as though they were caught in a haze of what once was.  There was a tangible sense of awe and reminiscence in the audience.  I had the chills.  More than a show, it felt as though I was reading Buf’s journal or story.  Truly incredible.  The above and below were some of my favorite ones!  Enjoy.



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