Coriander and other stylish herbs. (OFW Daywear)

Google defines “daywear” as a”articles of casual clothing suitable for informal or everyday occasions.”  I’m not convinced that many of the styles were very wearable for everyday occasions on last Friday night’s daywear show. All definitions aside, the night was spectacularly chock full of intensely detailed pieces and stand out separates!  Some of my absolutely favorites which I HIGHLY recommend checking out and making a few local purchases from are the following:

Audra McAvaddy for Coriander

Audra clearly knows a thing or two about sewing.  Her designs remind me of an elegant patchwork of sorts-which I personally would have never defined as stylish before seeing this fabulous line!  Audra succesfully evolved a primative look into something so chic and cutting edge.  Every piece looked like it had just recently been taken from an ANTHROPOLOGIE rack-and I mean that in the best possible way!  Not only did her construction please-her colors (although really daring) truly amazed me as well.  My favorite parts of the line were her paradigmatic green knit socks that were shown with each model’s shoes (shown below) and the metal cuffs which adorned many of the model’s get up. She is absolutely a pioneer of sorts-seriously, check her stuff out.  Seriously.  You won’t be disappointed!

Check out their website and style blog here:


Shamina Wiek for Pastel Groove House

Pastel Groove House is known for bright colors, vibrant patterns, and playful silhouettes-Friday night’s line was not disappointing!  High wasted short dresses and neons were the name of the game this time around-granted, for most people, pairing such intense patterns would result in severe clash, as separates, Pastel Groove House’s designs are guaranteed to brighten up your fall wardrobe!  Check them out at:


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