J. Lindeberg S/S 2013

As a guy, the shows I love the most are of course ones that show menswear.  J. Lindeberg was polar opposite of disappointing.  Now I have to be honest, traditionally I’ve thought that J. Lindeberg’s label was a bit more conservative than I would’ve wanted for my own wardrobe; however, his S/S men’s collection caused much drooling and desire!  Walking into Pier 59 I had no idea what kind of a treat I was in for! Showing extremely light weight biker jackets in a wide array of bright yet classy colors, J. Lindeberg walks the line between refinement and edge.  Further more, what sold me was his charcoal blazer and double monk strap shoes which are huge this season!  I was so pleased to see a designer who was absolutely true to his classic aesthetic but still willing to take a few risks.  If classy edgy is your tune, then you HAVE to listen to some J. Lindeberg!



Check out this combo!  Light biker jacket under the grey blazer!


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