New York State of Mind.

Despite the cliche title to this entry, as many of you have heard, I returned from New York Fashion Week a few days ago. Not only was this my first fashion week in the city, it was my first time in New York period. The verdict: chaotic bliss! The entire week was surreal for me. I had only ever dreamt of getting to be involved with the fashion scene on that level yet before I knew it, and largely due to my friend Mal Pearson, I was backstage at Custo Barcelona snapping photos of the prepping models. I saw 10 shows total-all which were brilliant and unique in their own sense. I just did my best to take it all in for inspiration and enjoy every second! The three things I learned from fashion week: 1) Never be afraid to ask. I mean really, what’s the worse that could happen? They say no? I experienced this time and time again this last week, sometimes asking worked and sometimes it didn’t. The times that it did MORE than made up for the times it didn’t! From upgrading from standing room tickets to getting that perfect shot-never be afraid to enquire. 2) Many designers ACTUALLY use mass produced cosmetics (Maybeline, NYX, etc.) and further more, their models looked amazing! Now coming from working in the cosmetics industry for a time I will be the first to tell you that I’m an Urban Decay bro. And there are items that are worth the extra bucks, but for the most part, with a decent brush, and a great primer (I love Make Up Forever’s), there’s no reason to break the piggy bank for great looking skin! 3) A trend is nothing more than a fashionable idea and cultural suggestion. Not to be confused with a definition of what is stylish or not. Oh yes, I absolutely saw trending high buns, sheer button ups, and multidimensional layering (all three are huge right now) but I also saw a myriad of other great and even off beat looks that were gorgeous or suave to say the least! Fashion really comes down to wearing things you love with confidence in a thoughtful way. The “rules” are only suggestions. Seriously, the week was breathtaking and I met so many cool people who like me, were just excited and grateful to be part of it! God seriously blessed me with the time of my life! I leave you with a couple pictures I love!







3 thoughts on “New York State of Mind.

  1. chloescravings says:

    Im literally so jealous when I read this. I go to school in Syracuse so I was so tempted to go to Fashion Night Out, but I never made it due to moving into the new apartment! I just love your blog, and cant wait to keep reading. Hope youll check mine out too! 😉


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