September Wear.


The point of the 2012 year has come where the temperature here in Omaha has dropped to a tolerable level.  And for me, that means endless style possibilities without having to worry about losing all of my water weight due to oppressive heat.  I promise that the previous statement is only about 50% sarcastic.  The rest is in fact mostly true.  Point being, it feels awesome to be outside-with a gorgeous flowing scarf of course!  Summer makes it simple to get dressed (grab some shorts, gladiator sandals, and a decent tank top and you’re in business), but the fall with all of it’s options can be a little more difficult waters to navigate.  Here’s my crash course.

  1. Layers, layers, layers.  I’m not even just talking about for the purpose of being able to put pieces on or take them off based on the weather-this is in fact convenient-but rather for aesthetic reasons.  Layering different pieces, patterns, lengths, and textures distracts from a fairly bland color scene (I know they’re pretty, but come on!  When was orange anyone’s best option for the skin tone?) and allows for you to achieve a multi-dimensional look.  Layering hides lines and curves or lack thereof and even makes appearing taller or more bulky possible.  Try putting a long button up underneath of a lose t shirt, and then layering with a long jacket or trench coat.  Check out, Audi is the master of layering!
  2. Add a scarf.  Most people are really intimidated by scarves but I’m convinced that with a little practice, they can become a really versatile and classy part of anyone’s wardrobe.  Not to mention helping you stay warm on those chilly coffee drowned mornings.  Check out my favorite scarf video on youtube for how to tie a scarf 25 different ways!   Image

3. Break up the texture.  Right now many designers all over the world have been showing two of some of my favorite things!  Fur and leather.  And again, like the scarf, they can both be really intimidating, but in small doses can add a really edgy element to a more conservative fall look.  Think a fur collar from Anne Taylor with a peacoat!  The key is too modestly add them to your fall staples to upgrade the look.  Further more, many labels and designers are adding fur or leather to their coats and tops.  One really big trend right now is fabric blocking-inspired by color blocking where several different solid colors are placed next to each other.  Fabric blocking is where a designer puts two or more different textured fabrics alongside one another in one single item of clothing. Image                                                               I’ve seen lots of cotton or polyblend shirts or sweaters that have a single leather pocket on them or the hoody I’m wearing today for instance, is a thick soft cotton, but has leather shoulders which makes for almost a military take on a classic sweatshirt.  Definitely try this look out!

Hopefully this gives all of you some ideas-from the more conservative to the lavish-in updating your fall wardrobe!  Enjoy the leaves and pumpkin spice latte’s!  Not to mention the approving eyes of onlookers who LOVE your look!


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