Bow Ties and Such. (How to pull your look off)

Today I rocked my fuschia bow tie to a friend’s wedding.  Did I mention I tied it myself?!  Yes indeed, I, Joshua Schaberg, pulled off the self tied bow tie-and it felt amazing!  So here’s the deal, someone asked me today whether I thought that they could pull of the bow tie, of course I answered with an exuberant, “YES!”  Simply put, I don’t necessarily believe those people that say that there are things you can and cannot pull off.  Yes, fit is everything, and yes, there are definite do’s and don’ts if you want to look your best, but ultimately it boils down to the question, “Do you like it?”  Or even, “Would you like to like it?”  And the rest is simply wearing it with confidence.  I get people all the time telling me, “Josh, you’re the only person that I’ve ever seen pull that off.”  I always think to myself that it’s only because I tried it and wore it with confidece.  Not because I’m some style genius.  So give yourself a break!  If it’s something you’ve been wanting to try, do it!  Work that fur vest (Rachel Zoe would be so proud)!  Or rock those studded pumps!  Ditch the fashion magazine’s list of can and can’ts and do something for you! 

Revo Makeover and what I learned from it.

Revolution, a youth group at the church I work for, is doing a series on life change, and what better way to demonstrate that than doing makeovers!  So tonight, me and my colleague Robin met three students at Target to make them over into fresh, fierce, and stylish upgrades!  The process was a ton of fun but really challenging to have to put my own aesthetic aside to try and meet someone else where they were at stylistically.  Not everyone prefers glitz and glamour. And not everyone loves a million accessories or details in an outfit.  Learning to bring some confidence, encouragement, and fashion forward perspective to all kinds of people is no doubt a really important but challenging skill to attain in the fashion world.  My job is to not just put clothes on people that I love, but rather to put clothes on to people that “we” love.  The two are MASSIVELY different!

So here’s what I’ve learned, the key to taking your look to the next level, as well as staying on top of what’s hot this season is to take what you already love and are comfortable with and step by step add in new elements.  I would never go overnight from Metallics and Neons to Bohemian.  I would little by little add neutral colors and knits, instead of just trying to drastically changing my entire look.  Doing so usually only results in having a look that is mentally jarring and uncomfortable.  New outfits usually feel awkward because you are breaking a fashion mentality that you have by doing something different from what you’ve trained yourself to perceive as fashionable or not fashionable.  It’s not that the outfit actually looks bad, just different.  And different is usually perceived as bad.  So do yourself a favor, and take it slow.  You might technically only be one outfit and a few hair extensions away from becoming Phillipe Blond, but not all of us are ready to wake up tomorrow wearing a shark mouth metallic tank top.  (I LOVE that top by the way).

And feel free to see what me and Robin came up with!  Pictures to come!