Bow Ties and Such. (How to pull your look off)

Today I rocked my fuschia bow tie to a friend’s wedding.  Did I mention I tied it myself?!  Yes indeed, I, Joshua Schaberg, pulled off the self tied bow tie-and it felt amazing!  So here’s the deal, someone asked me today whether I thought that they could pull of the bow tie, of course I answered with an exuberant, “YES!”  Simply put, I don’t necessarily believe those people that say that there are things you can and cannot pull off.  Yes, fit is everything, and yes, there are definite do’s and don’ts if you want to look your best, but ultimately it boils down to the question, “Do you like it?”  Or even, “Would you like to like it?”  And the rest is simply wearing it with confidence.  I get people all the time telling me, “Josh, you’re the only person that I’ve ever seen pull that off.”  I always think to myself that it’s only because I tried it and wore it with confidece.  Not because I’m some style genius.  So give yourself a break!  If it’s something you’ve been wanting to try, do it!  Work that fur vest (Rachel Zoe would be so proud)!  Or rock those studded pumps!  Ditch the fashion magazine’s list of can and can’ts and do something for you! 


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