5 Golden Rings


Granted, it may be a bit unconventional for a gentleman to sport a gaudy cocktail ring or two; yet, I definitely traffic in eccentric rings.

So here’s the deal…I often hit the shops to find displays and displays of untouched rings only to realize that a lot of people are frightened by them. Perhaps it’s the few who refuse to put anything giant on their fingers, but my assumption is that the rings go mostly untouched because of how intimidating they can be. My advice is as follows: plan your outfit around it. Yep, you heard correctly, “Plan your outfit around the ring.” Most people are going to find it too over the top to wear a cocktail ring with an outfit full of patterns, texture, or multiple colors, so don’t do that for starters. Keep your apparel, simple and chic to pair with a great ring! It’s going to be way less intimidating and/or daunting to match that ring with an LBD (That’s Little Black Dress for those who are just breaking into the scene) or a simple get up of sleek boot, tailored jeans, and a rouched turtle neck. Then, once you’re getting the hang of rocking simplistic looks with a cocktail ring, don’t be afraid to try mixing and matching! Fashion is all about fun and risk, right?!


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