Skinny or Standard (Neckties and Such)

So an ongoing debate, although debate might be a strong word here, is whether a standard width tie or a skinny tie looks better.  All in all, what it really comes down to is who you are, what event you’re going to, and what look are you going for?  Just as in the rest of the world of fashion, there is no given rule of thumb that always ensures or negates whether an outfit will look “good.”  So here’s a summary of my thoughts regarding each…  We’ll begin with standard width.


1) Standard ties are by far the most traditional and therefore submit a certain classiness to your ensemble.

2) Easier to tie into larger and more elaborate knots due to their thickness.  If your suit is Armani, I’d go with a standard tie, if it’s DSquared2, I’d do skinny.

3) Look less trendy than it’s skinny counterpart.  (But again, trendy does not necessarily equivalent class)

…And now for the skinny on Skinny Ties…


1) Skinny ties definitely give a slimmer look… the more trimmed and long of a line, the more slim you’ll look.

2) More difficulty in tying more complex or thicker knots.  Yet, due to it’s non widening lines, you can usually tie a more square knot easier than it’s thicker brother.

3) Even though it looks sharp, due to history, the look is definitely more casual than the wider tie. I would not usually pair a skinny tie with a full three piece suit.  But that’s just me!

So you be the judge!  Are you free to mix and match as you please?  Or do the old school rules of tie tying and suit matching reign supreme?


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