Fur. And how to handle it.


A common theme within my wardrobe as well as a huge winter trend right now is fur.  In all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles-whether faux or real-fur is definitely an “it” item.  A common concern I hear is, “Josh, that works for you but it’s just too much for me.”  I understand the statement but hopefully I can help break down a few of those misconceptions as well as give some tips on how to rock it…from beginner to advanced.  

So a couple of things to keep in mind.  Unless you’re planning on living on the completely eccentric side of things, I would avoid brightly dyed furs.  You want to look glamorous and even a bit rugged, not cartoonish.  Secondly, and this is more of a personal suggestion, but I would decline on anything overly shaggy or long.  You don’t want it looking like you’re wearing 70’s shag carpet or matted bed head on your person.  I think not!  So without further complication here are my suggestions!

Beginner Status:

Coat with fur lined hood.  Although it’s considered the most conservative use of fur (besides lining something solely on the inside of a garment), I love the look of a fur lined hood.  It’s an easy and simple way to start adding it into your wardrobe

Image(Jacket from Moncler)

Secondly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fur scarves that have been popping up everywhere!  I own 5 or 6 already and they are for sure my new addiction!  Dress up a simple dress or button up with luxury around your neck!  And since they’re made in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and styles, you can easily find one to fit your look!  Shown below is (against rumor) not my closet although I wish it was!



Rock a vest yo!  As with the fur scarves showing up in boutiques everywhere, the fur vest is an easy to find upgrade to any top you’re wearing this winter season!  Throw it over a t shirt and leggings for a rugged rocker look or over a cocktail dress for a more regal nod to the vest!



Naturally, the most difficult fur to pull off is a full on fur coat but there are still ways you can do it without over exaggeration.  A word to the fashion shy, start with coats that have fur fringe (shown below).  If you are planning on rolling with the floor length chinchilla (faux or real) dress coat, keep it chic underneath.  Black is the perfect combination for most fur coats but bring a lint roller along (you don’t want to look like your dog sat on your lap on the drive over!)  Pair with platform boots or leather wedges to accentuate the coat!


 Happy Trapping! (Unless you’re the faux kind of person in which case Happy Poly-Shopping).




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