Current Editorial Obsession


So I’m all about mixing different style aesthetics into mutant combinations and punk rock Geisha is one of the smartest pairings I’ve ever seen!  Enjoy!



Photographer: Ninja Hanna
Stylist: Josef Forselius
Makeup Artist: Elva Ahlbin @ Agent Bauer
Hair Stylist: Philip Fohlin
Model: Lovisa Axelsson Hager @ MIKAs
Stylist’s Assistant: Daniel G Johansson
Photographer’s Assistant: Kristina Eixenberger

Skinny…but not TOO skinny.




So OBVI, skinny jeans are still a huge hit.  Yes, I do like them.  Yes, the majority of my jeans are what you could consider at minimum slim leg.  But especially on the man side of things, there is a fine line between jeans that slim your figure down and make your legs look longer, and looking like a chicken.  Not to step on anyone’s toes but I would have to say that my least favorite look on a guy is SKIN TIGHT skinny jeans.  Especially if it’s skin tight around the calves.  It’s just plain unflattering.  

So, here’s my schpeel.  Buy denim that slims your legs down but doesn’t hold so tightly to your body that it adds “curves” to your legs.  This avoids causing your legs to look like stuffed leggings.  And trust me, stuffed leggings DO NOT look good.  Most companies offer a slim straight leg fit or even a tapered fit that wears a little looser around your thighs and fit closer to the calf without constricting them.  Go with either of these if you need that “skinny” look.  Trust me.  Trust me.


Infinite Power.

Infinity scarves, at least in my opinion, are here to stay. I’m a big fan of scarves, well, accessories in general actually, but scarves are one of the most versatile and easy to pull off accessories to date. Patterns, stripes, interesting colors, and different shapes and sizes allow for you to come up with a myriad of different looks! One of the biggest and newest trends in scarves is the infinity scarf AKA a scarf that is in tubular shape with no beginning and end.

Here’s my play by play.

Pull it off with layering that still enables you to elongate the body ie vertical stripes, seems, or button up or open jackets. Since the scarf is round, it tends to bunch around the neck, which does keep your warmer. However, if you aren’t on the taller side of the human spectrum, cutting off your neckline is not always a wise idea. The neckline effect isn’t a huge problem though if you know how to add vertical structure to your outfit. Hence, why you should try it with open jackets, blazers, or vertically striped tops.

If you don’t want to wear layer overload, try not doubling up the scarf or making sure you wear it loose enough to still see the neckline! In fact, it can actually elongate the neck if done correctly!

Here are some examples of infinity scarves done right!



Don’t get me wrong, I love the infinity scarf. It provides something different to silhouettes and layering, just be wise in how you pull it off!

What’s your favorite way to rock the infinity scarf?



One of my favorite things making a resurgence in the last year is Aztec print. Obviously, it’s everywhere and can be found on virtually any type of clothing item-from bags, to skirts, to boots! I love anything geometric and structured so naturally Im really drawn to Aztec.

I think it’s a pretty apparent thing to use the print sparingly and respectfully since it in itself is such a strong statement! DO NOT pair it with, fringe, turquoise, and moccasins! Lets avoid the cliche and try something new, shall we?

DO pair it with boots-whether you’re boy or girl. DO try it in unique colors. DO try it in a scarf and either tie a bulky knot on your shoulders or try it in a really classic way with a French loop or single knot!

So what do you think?! How would you use Aztec in a fun and unique way?