10 Minutes of Deep Thinking Gets Me Here…

So I have the day off today.  I’m currently in that in between phase where I can’t decide whether I want to make like 4 pots of coffee and watch a whole season of The Office or to actually pull myself together and head out into the cold.  Thus far I’ve spent about 30 minutes on my couch deciding, without a leaning to either direction at this point.  Therefore, the laptop has emerged.  And I’m stumbling around the internet to somehow find inspiration for my blog or even my day, for that matter.  This has plunged me into at least 10 minutes of deep reflection from which I have emerged with the thought of “I need to give my readers an opportunity to give me some feedback.”  

So dear reader, here’s your opportunity.  What have you liked?  What can I improve on?  Do you have any questions that I can try and answer? 

Also, I have option #3 now…I need to go clean my closet.


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