Black is to neon…

Black is to neon...
So here’s the straight man’s take on the neon trend.  I think that most people can pull it off with a little knowledge of how neon works!  Granted, I would completely avoid mixing neons; doing so will save you from looking like a crazed 80’s hair band fan.  You can laugh nervously all you want, but I’m serious.  Avoid mixing!  Secondly, I think it’s an awesome idea just because it breaks up the humdrum factor of the winter, and since I’m from Nebraska, this is especially true!  I need a color break at times!  Lastly, the key to pulling off neon is to simply use it sparingly, even a extreme fashionisto such as myself tries to stay away from having more than one fluorescent piece on at a time!
So…to review.  No Mixing.  Use the color. Utilize sparingly and carefully.  And always…ALWAYS…pair it with black.

Christopher kane


MUGLER pencil skirt
$1,760 –

Neon green shoes

Yellow platform pumps


Tom binns necklace

Juicy couture
$155 –


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