Orange and Green.


Photo Credits: Frederik Heyman x Carven + Lotta Volkova Adam = Vogue Hommes Japan vol. 9

Never ONCE in my entire life have I ever considered putting orange with green.  NOT ONCE.  I mean, NEVER.  It’s amazing how quickly and abruptly your taste in fashion can change-even from a single picture!  Orange with green, that kind of thing was for people who had no sense of balance.  But all of that changed when I saw this new editorial spread from Japanese Vogue.  It’s beautiful in so many different senses.  The pattern on his shirt/short combo.  The zen feel of the shoot.  The cool orange with that bright green.  It’s a treat to look at and definitely inspiring to maybe take a venture outside of my normal color scheme!  So what do you think? Try it, I dare you!


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