The Colored Cardigan.


Everyone could use a little bit more color in their lives!  Myself included! And one of my favorite ways to do so is by wearing a a brightly colored cardigan.  So obviously, the cardigan is in no way, for lack of a way of putting it more eloquently, groundbreaking.  In fact, I would go as far as to say that it’s a bit outdated as a whole in modern day fashion.  Cardigans were something that had a resurgency when I was in high school 8-10 years ago and have ever since been seen in a wide variety of “mall stores.”  By no means am I implying that I’m above shopping at mall stores (HELLO!  A big majority of my clothes are from Rue21), but I would absolutely say that most of them are not exactly fashion forward.  Oh they’ll certainly claim to be, but there is nothing fashion forward about producing the same looks season after season.

Point being, that I recently purchased a BRIGHT cardinal red solid cardigan and was strangely surprised at 1) How awesome it looked and 2) How versatile it was.  The difference was that it was NOT boring in color and fit.  Yes, the sweater rang true to classic cardigan form but putting it in a really gorgeous color caused it to evolve into something marvelous.  A modern day edge on a classic and conservative look.

So I know what you’re thinking, “That is one giant block of bright color, Josh!”  And you’re right, it’s alot to handle even for someone who lives to push fashion boundaries such as myself.  However, a simple trick or two I’ve learned will help you in breaking up the craziness!

1)  CAREFULLY select a color that will work with your wardrobe.  If you wear lots of black, white, and grey, don’t go for the bright orange sweater!  Stick to something that coincides more seemlessly with your normal garb: reds or dark but bright blues are my suggestions!  If you’re a creme or brown kind of person, break out a forest green or a beautiful yellowfinch knit!

2)  Keep the bottom button or two unbuttoned.  It might feel like it’s undoing the look but it actually breaks up the color in a way that helps it be less overpowering.  I’m dead serious, yo!  Try it!

It’s a modern take on something that people have been sporting for a really really REALLY long time, but come on!  Who doesn’t like a vintage idea recreated?!


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