Versace Menswear A/W 2013-2014


Prints. Prints. Prints. It’s not exactly a surprise that Versace had many a print in their Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 show which happened just a few minutes ago! Fur detailing and Romanesque embellishments continued on from their last season, but the House of Versace pumped it up a with layers and boots! Other high points were definitely the bags! Oh if I could just get my hands on one of those fur-tail embellished bags! I swear I could just faint from how good they looked! On a different note, something new and a bit scandalous were several looks in the middle of the show…sheer shorts and button ups. I’m not quite for sure what to think of them, honestly. One other low point of the show (atleast in my LIMITED opinion) was the wide short ties. Call me crazy, but they just seemed a bit…comical. Overall, I loved the collection.








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