Two of my ALL TIME favz.

If I were to fully stock my entire wardrobe with a collection of only two designers, I’m 99 percent sure that I would pick DSquared2 and Diesel Black Gold.  It’s probably because of their ridiculously amazing jeans, fur coats, and edged up dapper look; although, both in different ways meet the latter description.  Fortunate for me, both of these phenomenal design houses showed today.  It was like fashion heaven for me!

Ok, first let’s talk about the DSquared2 show.  Although I might have only been partially coherent due to the time difference and the fact that I INSISTED on seeing the show live, it was an extremely impressive show.  It was urban gentleman at it’s finest.  The whole look and feel was that of the cotton club in the 1930’s and 40’s while the models rocked their looks to upbeat jazz.  Bowties, vests, cardigans, sweaters, plaid, and even a few touches of WWII military made there way up and down the runway in a way that was way more carefree and, well…less sexy than typical DSquared2 shows.  It was a good change!  Anyways, make sure to check it out!  Here are some of my favorite looks…



Second of all was the Diesel Black Gold show.  With it still being a relatively new name in fashion, Diesel Black Gold has so much potential with growing alongside a rapidly changing fashion world.  Since its not as established as some of the other designer houses, it has an incredible opportunity to set the bar high as it has in the last few seasons in being in my opinion unprecedented in cutting edge menswear.  Details from this show include LOTS of satin, fringed scarves (quite the trend this season), military coats, and intricate detail work on hems.  Standout looks are #18 (Red shirt under a massive fur coat with leather pants) and #37 which featured a chevron top that I DIE for!  Both looks are shown below! What Diesel does so well is layering, I always come out of their shows with new ideas for layering!  Overall, a really great show!



(All Pictures from Marcus Tondo/


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