Leather Pants and Shorts

One really big trend this season is using leather on a different level then jackets or bracelets.  Here’s a couple of outfits that will hopefully get your creative juices going and inspire a few leathered outfits of your own!   What’s your favorite way to incorporate leather into your wardrobe?
Leather Pants and Shorts

7 thoughts on “Leather Pants and Shorts

    • Metallic Dapper says:

      Well, it’s really important to do your research if you’re dealing with a new company or website. Make sure that you understand how the sizing for the designer your purchasing from works… Most websites have measurements so that when they say its a small, you know exactly how small it is. It never hurts to ask, this usually helps me in not buying things that don’t fit. Let me know if I can better assist you!

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