Foxes and Beavers and Snow Leopards, oh my! Louis Vuitton Mens A/W 2013-2014

Ok, so if I were to write runway reports for ALL of the major shows I would be writing all day and night, so I’ve just been trying to write about my top picks and some of the most influential houses to cover the most important material.  Louis Vuitton is without a doubt even still (even post Marc Jacobs) one of the most powerful and respected design houses out there!  Well worth taking note!

Beginning with a loud, startling lighting crash, Vuitton’s show exuded an insane amount of energy (probably accelerated by startled guests) that put a buzz on neutral pallete clothes that I’ve never experienced before.  Keeping right on trend with what we’ve been seeing alot of, LV showed a lot of luxe and a lot of fur inspired designs.  One standout concept was the needle punched Snow Leopard print that made it’s way on to a wide variety of pieces in the line.  Due to the way the print was made though, it had a way less abrasive effect then normal animal print.  It was like minimalist animal print-something truly remarkable to accomplish.  Oversized weekender bags, carabiner buckle belts, and round sunglasses that whispered “steampunk” were the perfect updates to Louis Vuitton’s fairly conservative, yet energetic line…  Way to go, LV!

(Images from Monica Feudi/

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