I may have overreacted a bit…or ALOT.


So for the majority of today, one thought has been consuming my mind.  Of course interrupted by the occasional work mishap or food craving, but it dawned on me this morning that I had misplaced my Marc Jacobs clutch that I recently acquired.  For the life of me, I could not think of where I had put it or even used it last for that matter.  I had my wallet, keys, and phone (three of my staples to enclose in the clutch), but no location on where the clutch itself was.  Personally, I’m not even sure why it caused me so much heartache…I bought it on clearance and my love for the MJ wanes in comparison for the new Alexander McQueen clutch that couture.zappos.com recommended for me, yet…

It was stuck in the back of my mind all day.

So here I am, pulling apart my apartment, raking through it to somehow find this “lost sheep”, only to find that I had somehow placed it inside of the front pocket of my day-timer bag.  It’s whatever.  I’m relieved, but more frustrated at myself for putting it in a place outside of the ordinary.  Now if I could just find my studded ring I am constantly posting about…


3 thoughts on “I may have overreacted a bit…or ALOT.

  1. Chic Fatale Fashion says:

    I love stripes but not colored strips, I like stripes with a solid color stop or bottom. I like black and white stripes with blue and also with red and to be bold where stipes and yellow. But thanks for the tip 🙂 no colored stipes, I got cha

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