Work, Work, Work… OOTD Jan. 21 2013.


The fur vest has to be one of my top pics for the season, for girls, it produces a sort of luxurious feel to the look and for guys, a certain rugged debonaire. Although most people seem to find it difficult, I personally think they’re really easy to pull off… Just pair with a nice sweater or button up and rock it out. It REALLY is that simple. Don’t let anyone try and convince you that the look is too intense or requires the perfect texture to pair underneath. Fashion is a whole lot simpler than most people pump it up to be, just be yourself and if you want to wear it, WEAR IT. End of story.


9 thoughts on “Work, Work, Work… OOTD Jan. 21 2013.

  1. jonathanochart says:

    I love a good fur, but I’ve yet to find one that I feel works for me. Then again, there aren’t many furs for sale here in Texas! Yours looks great; thanks for sharing!

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