Extra Extra.

The classic newsie hat is a statement piece that has been around for a really long time! With it being a fairly staple part of mens fashion, I usually suggest using it in a more formal way instead of urban (Pairing it with a button up and vest instead of a graphic tee). I don’t know, it just seems typical of a mall store to pair it with a t shirt and jeans, not that there is anything wrong with that. I just think that it should be used sparingly and most often in it’s most classic and pure form. I’ve seen it used as a fashion cop out for like…forever, and I would just really like to see it used in some new and creative ways because the cap itself is a GREAT accessory! For something basic, pair it with a simple white t shirt and jeans with some combat boots. To pump it up a bit, try pairing it with a leather jacket, button up, funky bow tie, and dress loafers! It’s a look you’ll KILL no doubt!

For the ladies, you can actually get away with a lot more since it’s a little less common to begin with. Pair it with a dressed up trouser, oversized sweater and simple pumps or try it with leggings and a 4 XL belted button up and leggings (Just make sure the shirt is LONG. Good gravy people! No one wants to see your cheekage in the fashion world!) for a little bit more of a street smart attempt at the newsie hat.

With that being said, here are some of my favorite photo examples of how to rock it!




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