Back in the Saddle.


It has been an absolutely completely crazy spring!  My life has been so full of chaos, fun, stress, and happiness (quite the combination, I know)-from which I have emerged thinking to myself, “I HAVE GOT TO START WRITING AGAIN.”  Being away from blogging has deprived me of my one and only outlet for all of my style energy, so it’s absolutely time for a reboot!  Where else can I gush about my latest accessory trend?  Ultimately, there will be one major change, I’m planning on writing mostly exclusively about menswear and trends-I have just as much of an appreciation for fashion in the general sense, but what I personally really care about is Menswear.  Its also the area in fashion that I feel like I have much more of a grip on.  Therefore, I’m taking the plunge. Hopefully none of you female readers will be deterred by this, especially since many of you have men in your life that could use a tip or two on their fashion.  So by all means, keep reading!   I’ll take all the support I can get!  So what do you think?  What sort of Menswear topics should I cover?  Your feedback is much appreciated!


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