Neon-Negotiable. 5 Ways to Rock Neon!

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I would consider myself to neither be all for or all against trends.  If something new comes out that I would like to try, I do it.  If something “trendy” comes out that I hate, I just let it go and move on.  I’m not going to let some magazine tell me what to wear based on “trends” but still would definitely not consider myself to be a trend “hater”.  Part of the fun of fashion is that you can at will try something new or change your look up…trends have alot to do with this.

On to what I really wanted to write about-one of my favorite more “trendy” looks, is adding neon to your everyday clothing.  While I understand that this can be a bit overwhelming, here are five tips to try when it comes to working neon into your wardrobe!

1) The neon cuff.  This is a super simple way to add neon to virtually ANY look.  I wear mine with just about anything to give it that special “POP”.  And when you can buy them at most fashion stores for dirt cheap, the risk comes at a low cost price!  I got mine at H&M for $3.95.


2) The neon sheer shirt.  A really easy way to mute the abrasiveness of the neon is to buy a top that has a sheer quality to it and layer it over a grayscale color.  I wear mine (from Zara) over a simple white A undershirt, and the perks of wearing something really cooling are innumerable when you come from a hot climate like Nebraska!

3)  The neon sneaker.  While granted, I normally disagree with too much color in footwear-some people pull it off radically.  For some of you, it’s a whole lot less intimidating to add the neon drama to your feet than to eye, chest, or waist level.  Nike makes some awesome neon yellow hightops!  I would highly recommend checking there first!

4) The neon stocking cap.  Shown in my outfit as well.  This cap can be found in a host of stores right now as well and is the perfect way to add an urban flair to even the most dressy looks.  Try adding it to a button up.  Seriously…try it.  But seriously.

5) The neon shorts.  While this is perhaps the most difficult of the five to pull off, it’s merely a case of comfortability.  There are not a lot of ways of minimizing the brightness of neon shorts (of course if you’re daring enough to wear them to begin with, you’re PROBABLY not thinking about minimizing brightness), so choose a top wisely.  Personally, I love a good white linen button up with neon shorts or even just a simple white v-neck.

Point being, have fun and don’t be afraid to try something new this summer!  Live a little!

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Daring with dependable. Editorial.


I love a good editorial.  And this shoot from REFLEX magazine is one of my current favorites.  Whoever styled this is OBVIE a pro at taking things that might seem a bit extreme or strange and using layering to make them really wearable!  I especially love the blazers and bowties!  I’m constantly trying to learn from editorial styling as well…point being, that layering is in fact an awesome way to really rock that piece you’re afraid of wearing.

Unless you’re the kind of person who just loves to wear clothes purely for wearing clothes sake, balance is something you probably really care about.  I don’t blame you.  I don’t exactly  identify with you, but none the less, I figured it would go a long way to address it.  

At some point or another, every one of us has been in a store where you either loved the way something looked on a display or perhaps an expert salesman talked you into trying something new.  You went ahead and took the plunge and made the purchase, but the item has sat in your closet ever since.  I would highly suggest googling images of the look you purchased to help you visualize someone who has successfully pulled off your look and then try layering your piece with something a little bit more subtle.  Wear a neon bow-tie with a SIMPLE and muted button up.  Or rock that oversized gold bib with with a plain black t-shirt.  You’re way more prone to re-wearing something and definitely being more comfortable with your outfit if it’s not completely overwhelming.  So pair your daring with your dependable. Best of luck in your fashion endeavors and have fun!ImageImageImageImageImage

As McQueen would say…

Menswear is about subtlety. It’s about good style and good taste.
-Alexander McQueen

I’m not quite for sure what to think about this quote. Alexander McQueen isn’t exactly known for subtlety. Even his menswear-which undoubtedly across the board in fashion is much more boring than womenswear… What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with the quote?

All Studded Up.


I got some new clothes from Zara yesterday, so obviously, I’m going to wear them today.  You DO NOT need to ever have a reason to wear something-if you want to, do it!  If you want to rock your new Balmain combat boots to Dunkin Donuts at 2 AM, then do it!  If you want to sport your new metallic Rock ‘N Republic sweatshirt to the gym, do it!  If fashion is about fun, then why would you ever need to justify what you wear beyond simply saying, “I wanted to wear this.”

Here I’m wearing a gem encrusted scoop neck T-Shirt (Zara) which I LOVE, studded drop crotch denim (Zara) which I LOVE, and of course, my studded loafers (Steve Madden) which I LOVE!  I know it’s alot of studs but today I’m all about dressing how I want to!

I’d encourage you to not make fashion about what everyone else is wearing, but rather, what do YOU want to wear!?  And then rock it, confidently, and uniquely!


The Red Shorts.


Ever splurge on that one must have item but wonder how to really do it justice without taking away from its awesomeness?  Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your favorite statement pieces!

So I’ve been looking for some really great dress shorts for this summer-last night was my time.  I found these awesome red J.Ferrar dress shorts at J.C.Penney of all places.  So today I wanted to put together an outfit that would really showcase them well without distracting from their general splendor.  

When it comes to really helping a piece stand out-it’s important that you can exercise restraint in the rest of your look.  It was so tempting for me to accessorize with a million chain bracelets or I even thought about adding spiked combat boots-but ultimately I formed the look around the shorts so I simplified everything else.   Rein in your inner fashionista a bit-I promise, you’ll thank me later.

It’s also really important to pick other colors that compliment your piece well.  If your stand out piece is blue or turquoise, I would stick to cream or tan colors to compliment.  If it’s red or oranges-greys.  Greens and yellows look awesome with white.  And purple?  Well…I’m not a fan.    I chose muted slate and grey items that really caused the red to “POP” and some chic gladiator sandals to bring together the look with a cohesive summer feel. 

Happy dressing and have an awesome day!