I stumbled across Urbandon on cityblis.com today and couldn’t move on without doing a write up on his work.  It was one of those times where I could see my own style in virtually every piece of his online store, so naturally, I wanted to give credit where credit is due.

Based out of Sidney, Australia the designer features a sort of deconstructed yet a little bit futuristic (maybe even postapocolpytic) feel to it.  The kind of thing you could see in movies like “The Book of Eli”-maybe even “The Hunger Games.”  The silhouette of the Urbandon man is anything but typical due to his asymmetrical cuts and interesting layering.  I love his structured jackets and belts especially   With each layer and lots of scarves, you could really achieve a multifaceted look with any of his work. Mostly in black but with obvious detail and workmanship, I naturally loved the line.  

 Be sure to check him out here and support this awesome designer!



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