So, last week one of my readers and friends dared me to do a patriotic outfit for the fourth of July. So here I am.  Layered up, since I have to work in a freezing cold apparel store all day, but standing out in the sun for the photo shoot.  I’m actually pretty pleased with how it turned out.  The key with outfits like this is to spend time and thought on playing up the stereotypical patriotic look while still adding pieces that add a bit of fun to it i.e. the denim jacket and white high tops.  I didn’t want people to have to wonder whether I was intentionally being patriotic or not-it’s hopefully obvious, but I still didn’t want to look cheesy.  It’s a difficult line to walk.   Anyways, happy 4th everyone!  Have an amazing day with friends and family (or coworkers in my case.)  Ciao Ciao.  (Also be sure to check out my new profile on http://www.lookbook.nu here



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