The bling ring.


It’s no secret that I’m sort of absolutely into rings! I have lots of them and it always seems like I’m acquiring more and more of them. For instance, this massive teal gem stone ring that I picked up this morning. All I can think about is Prince John in Robin Hood and his massive rings! Does anyone know what I’m referring to?

When it comes to the cocktail ring, my one style tip is to usually wear them with black or grey. While this can be limiting for those of you that love color-Im just thinking about what’s best for the ring! I choose black and grey because they really help wash out the overwhelming sense of the ring. Too much color would just distract from the ring itself-and let’s be honest, if you’re wearing a ring like this, you want it to be noticed! So give it the best canvas with black and grey. Not to say that you can NEVER pair with color-it’s more or less a suggestion to help you make the most of your jewelry endeavors!


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