The Red Shorts.


Ever splurge on that one must have item but wonder how to really do it justice without taking away from its awesomeness?  Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your favorite statement pieces!

So I’ve been looking for some really great dress shorts for this summer-last night was my time.  I found these awesome red J.Ferrar dress shorts at J.C.Penney of all places.  So today I wanted to put together an outfit that would really showcase them well without distracting from their general splendor.  

When it comes to really helping a piece stand out-it’s important that you can exercise restraint in the rest of your look.  It was so tempting for me to accessorize with a million chain bracelets or I even thought about adding spiked combat boots-but ultimately I formed the look around the shorts so I simplified everything else.   Rein in your inner fashionista a bit-I promise, you’ll thank me later.

It’s also really important to pick other colors that compliment your piece well.  If your stand out piece is blue or turquoise, I would stick to cream or tan colors to compliment.  If it’s red or oranges-greys.  Greens and yellows look awesome with white.  And purple?  Well…I’m not a fan.    I chose muted slate and grey items that really caused the red to “POP” and some chic gladiator sandals to bring together the look with a cohesive summer feel. 

Happy dressing and have an awesome day!


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