Dolce and Gabbana S/S 2015

Dolce and Gabbana used to be my absolute favorite design house in the early 2000’s. Kings of the runway, they put on some of the hottest fashion shows in the last 10 years (for instance S/S 2007) However, a few years ago they revamped their aesthetic incorporating more traditional Sicilian looks into their normally young line.  While the clothes were still beautiful, I personally wasn’t a huge fan due to their more mature nature.  I don’t know what happened but can I just say that I LOVE this new campaign?  Something about the fine tailoring mixed with the swanky Spanish details makes for an amazing start to the 2015 year!  What do you think?  Holler back in the comments bellow.ADV-SS-2015-DONNA-NO-LOGO-2 ADV-SS-2015-UOMO-NO-LOGO-3 ADV-SS-2015-UOMO-NO-LOGO-5


(Photo credit Dolce and Gabbana)

Daring with dependable. Editorial.


I love a good editorial.  And this shoot from REFLEX magazine is one of my current favorites.  Whoever styled this is OBVIE a pro at taking things that might seem a bit extreme or strange and using layering to make them really wearable!  I especially love the blazers and bowties!  I’m constantly trying to learn from editorial styling as well…point being, that layering is in fact an awesome way to really rock that piece you’re afraid of wearing.

Unless you’re the kind of person who just loves to wear clothes purely for wearing clothes sake, balance is something you probably really care about.  I don’t blame you.  I don’t exactly  identify with you, but none the less, I figured it would go a long way to address it.  

At some point or another, every one of us has been in a store where you either loved the way something looked on a display or perhaps an expert salesman talked you into trying something new.  You went ahead and took the plunge and made the purchase, but the item has sat in your closet ever since.  I would highly suggest googling images of the look you purchased to help you visualize someone who has successfully pulled off your look and then try layering your piece with something a little bit more subtle.  Wear a neon bow-tie with a SIMPLE and muted button up.  Or rock that oversized gold bib with with a plain black t-shirt.  You’re way more prone to re-wearing something and definitely being more comfortable with your outfit if it’s not completely overwhelming.  So pair your daring with your dependable. Best of luck in your fashion endeavors and have fun!ImageImageImageImageImage

Current Editorial Obsession


So I’m all about mixing different style aesthetics into mutant combinations and punk rock Geisha is one of the smartest pairings I’ve ever seen!  Enjoy!



Photographer: Ninja Hanna
Stylist: Josef Forselius
Makeup Artist: Elva Ahlbin @ Agent Bauer
Hair Stylist: Philip Fohlin
Model: Lovisa Axelsson Hager @ MIKAs
Stylist’s Assistant: Daniel G Johansson
Photographer’s Assistant: Kristina Eixenberger

Extra Extra.

The classic newsie hat is a statement piece that has been around for a really long time! With it being a fairly staple part of mens fashion, I usually suggest using it in a more formal way instead of urban (Pairing it with a button up and vest instead of a graphic tee). I don’t know, it just seems typical of a mall store to pair it with a t shirt and jeans, not that there is anything wrong with that. I just think that it should be used sparingly and most often in it’s most classic and pure form. I’ve seen it used as a fashion cop out for like…forever, and I would just really like to see it used in some new and creative ways because the cap itself is a GREAT accessory! For something basic, pair it with a simple white t shirt and jeans with some combat boots. To pump it up a bit, try pairing it with a leather jacket, button up, funky bow tie, and dress loafers! It’s a look you’ll KILL no doubt!

For the ladies, you can actually get away with a lot more since it’s a little less common to begin with. Pair it with a dressed up trouser, oversized sweater and simple pumps or try it with leggings and a 4 XL belted button up and leggings (Just make sure the shirt is LONG. Good gravy people! No one wants to see your cheekage in the fashion world!) for a little bit more of a street smart attempt at the newsie hat.

With that being said, here are some of my favorite photo examples of how to rock it!



Orange and Green.


Photo Credits: Frederik Heyman x Carven + Lotta Volkova Adam = Vogue Hommes Japan vol. 9

Never ONCE in my entire life have I ever considered putting orange with green.  NOT ONCE.  I mean, NEVER.  It’s amazing how quickly and abruptly your taste in fashion can change-even from a single picture!  Orange with green, that kind of thing was for people who had no sense of balance.  But all of that changed when I saw this new editorial spread from Japanese Vogue.  It’s beautiful in so many different senses.  The pattern on his shirt/short combo.  The zen feel of the shoot.  The cool orange with that bright green.  It’s a treat to look at and definitely inspiring to maybe take a venture outside of my normal color scheme!  So what do you think? Try it, I dare you!