Big Things Coming!

Hey guys!  Josh here.  So excited to make the announcement that my good friend Timothy Sumida has decided to come on with The Metallic Dapper as my designated photographer.  Since moving to Orange County, so much has changed for me and my blog needed a fresh update!  Having a designated photographer is going to be an amazing upgrade for me and I couldn’t be more excited!  So stay tuned for some amazing photos and outfit breakdowns for late winter/early spring within the next few weeks and have an amazing day!  Oh… and here’s a little preview of my favorite wallet!




It’s all in the details… Neckwear.

I love tied scarves used as a necktie.  I think it mostly has to do with channeling my inner Mr. Bingley.  Menswear was at like a historical all time high during Jane Austen’s time.  So fortunately for me, Berluti threw in a couple of tucked scarves into their FW 2014 lineup.  And let me just say…it screams class.  Or should I say whispers it.  The trend works so well because it inevitably evokes super high society British influence but still somehow tones down a suit to a really urban and approachable vibe.  Try it.  I dare you.
1390000018070_berluti-fall-winter-2014-34 1390000018070_berluti-fall-winter-2014-33

(Photo Credit Berluti)

Rock Appeal.

Everybody needs a little bit of rock and roll in their summer line up.  While a leather jacket is the easiest and most accessible option, this editorial from Essential Homme will hopefully get your creative juices pumping.  Think changing up textures and adding some great accessories to polish up your look.


Advertorial Credits:

Martin Waitt – Fashion Editor/Stylist

Dae Na – Model

Nikola Jovanovic – Model

Life Coach.


A couple of my friends got me this incredible bag as a gift this weekend! Now, if you know me, you know I’m a bag junky. Or in better terms-a bag connoisseur. This bag is definitely my current object of affection! Basically the same size as a large clutch but with a heavy duty shoulder strap, it’s the best of both worlds. And since I can’t be trusted with leather while canvas always gets dirty, Coach’s signature PVC is the perfect choice for those of us who put our bags through a rough and tumble life! It’s the kind of bag that you can toss your keys and wallet into and head off to dinner whether it’s super dressed up or completely casual.

It’s heavy duty. It’s the perfect size. It’s masculine. It’s stylish. It’s perfect.

Back to work.

I love fashion.  I love fashion.  I love fashion.


It’s something that I truly do enjoy-I think it’s mostly just because I enjoy beautiful things. Beautiful sites.  Beautiful people.  Beautiful music.  I’m drawn to it.  Whether it’s because of my passion for theatrics or my obsession with all things shiny-one thing I know…I love fashion.  While so many people are out there trying to make a bunch of money from their blog (nothing wrong with profitability) or attempting to catch the eye of certain people-I want to write just because I need an outlet for my love.  And because I have friends who ask me to do it.  I’m not sure what it will look like, or how often I’ll post.  But I am going to try and resurrect this thing; as an opportunity to share my passion for style with people that I love (while getting a bit geeked out over fashion shows I’m gawking over).  

Here’s the thing though, this is not just a solo endeavor.  I love to interact.  I love to explore.  And I love to write things that actually help or inspire others.  So let me know if there’s something you’re curious about… I may not know the answer, but I’ll do what I can to help find it!

So cheers to bling, style, and getting to change more than once a day-just because we feel like it!