Spring mens accessories!

So metallics, gaudy jewelry, and mens clutches are the “in” trends for the spring! Needless to say, I’m freaking out a little bit… Like good freaking out!

Metallics in my wardrobe: always!
Gaudy jewelry: every freaking day!
Mens clutches: it’s kinda my thing!

Here’s to an AWESOME and shiny spring!



OBVI, one of the biggest and most talked about topics in the fashion world is the concept of trends.  I’m am neither a lover nor a hater of the matter.  I mean, in all seriousness, who doesn’t love an excuse to update the ole wardrobe, but do I think there’s a whole lot of fashion merit in following every trend as an aspiring fashionista…probably not.  A trend is what it is.  Nothing wrong with them, but yet, I don’t see the point in feeling pressure every season to update something that was fine to begin with.

Following trends just to follow trends is a waste of money to me, not to mention, an excuse to simply be a fashion zombie.  I know I totally sound like a hater in this moment, but I’m about to turn the table.  But seriously, fashion is supposed to be about self expression and caring about what you put on your back.  To EXCLUSIVELY listen to someone else’s opinion on what the “latest and greatest” thing is and feeling forced to buy it in order to be “fashionable” takes all creative freedom out of the equation.  And one of the first reasons I ever started loving fashion was because of the creative freedom I got to have!

On the other side of the fence, I LOVE that things are constantly changing in fashion.  My taste in clothes changes about as fast as the temperature drops in Nebraska (and judging by today, that is REALLY fast) and it’s nice to be able to change things up whenever I so choose.  The fact that things “trend” means that lots of places will be selling it, and when lots of places sell it, I can purchase it more economically.  I love change and I like trends for that reason!

VERDICT being, that trends are fine.  You should feel free to pull off whatever look you want and change it when you want to-so if cammo (which happens to be so HOT right now) tickles your fancy, then GO FOR IT.  But don’t just GO FOR IT because some style website told you to!  Ask yourself as simple question, “Am I buying this because I actually like it or am I just buying it because someone told me they were in and I want to fit in right now?”  Take it from a true free spirit, fashion is about something so much bigger than “fitting in”, but about being free, confident, and secure in who God made you to be!  So live a little and try something new, but NOT JUST BECAUSE I SAID SO!  …oooh, did you see the new Burberry leopard shoes?  D. I. E.

The Swiss Army Knife of Accesories.


Last time I was in New York, I stopped in at TopShop (Their mens accessories are outstanding). I ended up picking up a black gem tie pin, not knowing what I would do with it…I just knew it looked pretty.

Quickly, it became one of my favorite accessories because I found that you can add them to ANYTHING to quickly embellish a basic suit, or to keep a scarf knot in place in a chic way!
Try adding them to your collar or newsie hat for a fresh use of accessory!