Neon-Negotiable. 5 Ways to Rock Neon!

photo 1_Fotor
I would consider myself to neither be all for or all against trends.  If something new comes out that I would like to try, I do it.  If something “trendy” comes out that I hate, I just let it go and move on.  I’m not going to let some magazine tell me what to wear based on “trends” but still would definitely not consider myself to be a trend “hater”.  Part of the fun of fashion is that you can at will try something new or change your look up…trends have alot to do with this.

On to what I really wanted to write about-one of my favorite more “trendy” looks, is adding neon to your everyday clothing.  While I understand that this can be a bit overwhelming, here are five tips to try when it comes to working neon into your wardrobe!

1) The neon cuff.  This is a super simple way to add neon to virtually ANY look.  I wear mine with just about anything to give it that special “POP”.  And when you can buy them at most fashion stores for dirt cheap, the risk comes at a low cost price!  I got mine at H&M for $3.95.


2) The neon sheer shirt.  A really easy way to mute the abrasiveness of the neon is to buy a top that has a sheer quality to it and layer it over a grayscale color.  I wear mine (from Zara) over a simple white A undershirt, and the perks of wearing something really cooling are innumerable when you come from a hot climate like Nebraska!

3)  The neon sneaker.  While granted, I normally disagree with too much color in footwear-some people pull it off radically.  For some of you, it’s a whole lot less intimidating to add the neon drama to your feet than to eye, chest, or waist level.  Nike makes some awesome neon yellow hightops!  I would highly recommend checking there first!

4) The neon stocking cap.  Shown in my outfit as well.  This cap can be found in a host of stores right now as well and is the perfect way to add an urban flair to even the most dressy looks.  Try adding it to a button up.  Seriously…try it.  But seriously.

5) The neon shorts.  While this is perhaps the most difficult of the five to pull off, it’s merely a case of comfortability.  There are not a lot of ways of minimizing the brightness of neon shorts (of course if you’re daring enough to wear them to begin with, you’re PROBABLY not thinking about minimizing brightness), so choose a top wisely.  Personally, I love a good white linen button up with neon shorts or even just a simple white v-neck.

Point being, have fun and don’t be afraid to try something new this summer!  Live a little!

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#OOTD January 4, 2013

True to my word I wanted to utilize my new neon sweater that I bought yesterday. I love the added neon detail in my socks! So here it is!

Sweater from Forever21
Button Up from Unknown
Jeans from Carbon Elements
Socks from Express
Shoes from Marc Anthony





Black is to neon…

Black is to neon...
So here’s the straight man’s take on the neon trend.  I think that most people can pull it off with a little knowledge of how neon works!  Granted, I would completely avoid mixing neons; doing so will save you from looking like a crazed 80’s hair band fan.  You can laugh nervously all you want, but I’m serious.  Avoid mixing!  Secondly, I think it’s an awesome idea just because it breaks up the humdrum factor of the winter, and since I’m from Nebraska, this is especially true!  I need a color break at times!  Lastly, the key to pulling off neon is to simply use it sparingly, even a extreme fashionisto such as myself tries to stay away from having more than one fluorescent piece on at a time!
So…to review.  No Mixing.  Use the color. Utilize sparingly and carefully.  And always…ALWAYS…pair it with black.

Christopher kane


MUGLER pencil skirt
$1,760 –

Neon green shoes

Yellow platform pumps


Tom binns necklace

Juicy couture
$155 –