Metal Madness. How to rock metallic…

So as the title of this blog collection eludes to… I, Josh Schaberg, show favoritism to metallics!  I don’t know for sure when it happened, I’ve just always (much like a squirrel unfortunately) have been drawn to shiny things.  Watches, Necklaces, Paintings, Cars, Clothes, Hair Styles, Etc.-Anything shiny!  Fashion not being exempt-it appears regularly in my wardrobe.  More than regularly…frequently! It’s safe to say that I absolutely love metallics!  Point being, here are some of my tips for metallics.


While I tend to lean towards the outlandish versus the conservative, the key to rocking metallics is moderation. Beginning with amateur metallic status and climbing the risk rope to shimmering pro’s:

Beginners:  Try pairing bold chain or series of chains with a solid top.  Long necklaces generally go well with either a blank canvas (A solid and simple top) or between two lines (Inside of a jacket or cardigan).  Be careful with adding metallics on top of patterns, especially non-geometrics.  Putting something shiny with a pattern causes the outfit to become overbearing where you neither successfully highlight your accessories or the clothes beneath them.

Intermediate: Metallic Shoes.


There are few statements, in my opinion, sharper than a silver pump or loafer (tassles being a MUST).  Personally I would pair them with darkwash denim.  Not that this is the ONLY option, but with anything else you run the risk of either making the shoes look out of place or making your outfit too dressy.  The above are some of my favorites from Alexander Wang!

Experts: Metallic pants or tops or Mixing Metals.


Two of the most difficult looks to pull off are putting on a pair of metallic skinny jeans or button ups or mixing two different kinds of metals (pairing a gold with silver necklace).  As always, carefully select a complimentary top or bottom in a neutral or solid color-doing so achieves a sense of balance in the outfit.  When it comes to mixing metals, the easiest is colored metal with colored metal-the two just go hand in hand.  But on a riskier side of things, mixing silver with either gold or copper is a difficult task.  Here’s my tip: Pair with green.  In my experience, pairing the silver/gold combo with an army green is a dependable way to transition in and out of both metals.

Hopefully this helps you in your metallic endeavors!  Enjoy and rock it out!


2 thoughts on “Metal Madness. How to rock metallic…

    • Metallic Dapper says:

      I know right! I’d encourage you to try it! Even in little bits, metallic can be a lot of fun as well as give a really glamorous touch to even the most casual looks!

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