Men’s Neckwear

Men's Neckwear
I’m totally enthralled with jewelry! I have tons of it but the reality is that without balance and patience, using necklaces can quickly become a bit of a fashion cop-out. My advice is to use them intentionally, just because the shirt is simple or blank around the neck does not mean that it should be paired with a necklace and vice versa just because it’s a patterned or busy top doesn’t mean it CANNOT have a necklace with it.Consider what parts of the outfit do you want to highlight? Where are you wanting contrast? Are you adding any layering? Try mixing it up with adding some chains to a button up and tie. Or perhaps if you’re shirt is a perfectly stitched knit, leave the neck adornments out to show off the top.

My point is this-think it through. The necklace can greatly impact, draw out, distract, or highlight on each extreme side of the fashion scale. Chosen wisely and one of these necklaces could make you a fashion force to be reckoned with!


Alkemie long necklace

TAMARA AKCAY Black matte necklace
$370 –

Tree Necklace
$105 –

Icon Brand Panadol Lines Necklace
$25 –


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