John Varvatos Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 Show Review


Ok so I’ve ALWAYS been a Varvatos man.  From getting amazing service in their Soho Boutique to being impressed season after season of the label’s ability to rethink leather rocker garb, I’m a MAJOR fan.  The thing that in my opinion makes Varvatos’ clothes so desirable is that he walks the line between bad boy looks and wearability.  There’s a rebel quality to his garments but yet everything is so accessible and easy to pull off!  His latest show was no exception!  First thing out of the gate, an ombre dyed black and blue jacket, i mean SERIOUSLY!  I am short of breath!  Fringe scarves, worn leather boots, scarlet red bowler hats, fingerless leather gloves, aged weekender bags, animal print cardigans…the list goes on and on and on with things that I LOVED about this line.  I mean…it was seriously major!  It’s all stuff that I want and stuff that I would wear regularly!  Truly incredible detailing and a truly incredible color pallete!   My favorite looks are below:



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