Z Zegna Runway Report.

If I were to pick any color to accompany my mostly black and grey wardrobe, it would definitely be red.  It just goes.  With just about anything neutral.  I mean you can equally add red to tan khakis as you can something jet black.  There are few other colors that can accomplish such a feet.  I love it.  Therefore, I’ve certainly enjoyed the reoccurring trend of red on the runway this season in Milan.  Yes, I love the color, but I do wish that there would be at least a bit more variety.  Oh well, when you find what works for your line, why change it just for variety sake?  Just because we’re showing for winter 2013 does not mean that red, burgundy, and purple are the only colors we want to wear.

Ok.  Now that I’ve gotten that out, on to my thoughts about the Z Zegna show.  Granted, I was barely alive and kicking when I got up to watch it this morning (a 7 hour time difference makes it difficult…yet I’m getting up at 2:15 AM tonight to watch DSquared2), but from what I was conscious of, I thought it was great.  It’s sportswear to the max but still dressed up!  I mean, it’s literally drawstring outdoor snow gear meets 007.  One really interesting thing was this diamond/triangular geometric print that showed up on several looks.  It is an extremely impressive feet to add a shapely print to blazers without them seeming…cartoonish.  The show had not even a hint of cartoon to it, that’s for SURE.  Yet another reoccuring theme was striped jackets which in it’s own sense was a simple nod to Cambridge boys.

My favorite element was the use of mixed texture.  There was a whole series of jackets and pants in the middle containing different layered lengths in the pants and multi fabric jackets up top.  There’s just something so refined about a luscious woven middle of the shirt with rugged aged leather arms.  It was done right!  So right!


Photos: Marcus Tondo/GoRunway.com



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