One of my favorite things making a resurgence in the last year is Aztec print. Obviously, it’s everywhere and can be found on virtually any type of clothing item-from bags, to skirts, to boots! I love anything geometric and structured so naturally Im really drawn to Aztec.

I think it’s a pretty apparent thing to use the print sparingly and respectfully since it in itself is such a strong statement! DO NOT pair it with, fringe, turquoise, and moccasins! Lets avoid the cliche and try something new, shall we?

DO pair it with boots-whether you’re boy or girl. DO try it in unique colors. DO try it in a scarf and either tie a bulky knot on your shoulders or try it in a really classic way with a French loop or single knot!

So what do you think?! How would you use Aztec in a fun and unique way?


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