Skinny…but not TOO skinny.




So OBVI, skinny jeans are still a huge hit.  Yes, I do like them.  Yes, the majority of my jeans are what you could consider at minimum slim leg.  But especially on the man side of things, there is a fine line between jeans that slim your figure down and make your legs look longer, and looking like a chicken.  Not to step on anyone’s toes but I would have to say that my least favorite look on a guy is SKIN TIGHT skinny jeans.  Especially if it’s skin tight around the calves.  It’s just plain unflattering.  

So, here’s my schpeel.  Buy denim that slims your legs down but doesn’t hold so tightly to your body that it adds “curves” to your legs.  This avoids causing your legs to look like stuffed leggings.  And trust me, stuffed leggings DO NOT look good.  Most companies offer a slim straight leg fit or even a tapered fit that wears a little looser around your thighs and fit closer to the calf without constricting them.  Go with either of these if you need that “skinny” look.  Trust me.  Trust me.



5 thoughts on “Skinny…but not TOO skinny.

  1. gedlondon says:

    I agree, those super tight skinny jeans look absolutely dreadful! Guys never look good in them regardless of what they look like – it should be a big NO-NO! 🙂 Great post!

  2. Katie Elliott says:

    Hi there! Loving your blog, my name is Katie Elliott I am the creator of Tag a ( The website works like this: each week I announce a new fashion trend, and people then tag themselves on Facebook wearing that trend. This is done by tagging their picture with the Tag a Trend Facebook page. The best pics then appear on my site.
    This week’s trend is skinny jeans and as can see you are loving the trend, I thought you might be interested in getting involved and tagging yourself in your fave pair. The picture will appear on both my site and Facebook (both with a direct link back to your blog.)
    Look forward to hearing from you!

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