Original Flattery.


So I’m a bit of an editorial junky.  From the photography to the fully styled sets, I love looking through magazines or browsing designer campaigns online.  Here’s one of my new favorites for this season.  I’m really excited to really try some unique proportions and layering this fall and this editorial showcases styling at it’s finest with this idea-without making it look unflattering.  There are a million designers out there trying to be original with their layering and proportion but few do it very well.   There’s just something so tricky about thinking outside of the box while still remaining true to sharp tailoring.  The following photos are DEFINITELY on the good side of things!  Hopefully they’ll inspire you to cut loose a bit as well!


Publication: TenMag 
Model: Sam Lawson 
Photography: Cecilie Harris
Fashion: Rachel Gold
Styling Assistant: Rhia Simmons
Hair: Stephen Hamilton
Grooming: Carol Morley
Styling Assistant: Rhia Simmons Photography Assistant: Hannah Fickling Website:www.cecilieharris.co.uk

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