Diesel Black Gold Spring 2014

1372082302680_MRK_8539.450x675What’s not to love about this line?!

I literally get short breathed from excitement when I think about this collection!  Intricately bleached denim, leather shirts and shorts, utility intense double belts, interesting jacket shaping, and a brilliant take on mixing white and ivory make up the high points of this mostly monochromatic season.  It’s like they visited a biker club and said to themselves, “Hey, what if we went for this look, but made it completely suave in the process?”  It’s sheer genius.

Not only was the show brilliantly styled as a whole but as separates, I loved so many individual pieces.  You could easily take one or several of their pieces and combine it with your wardrobe without having to completely reinvent yourself.  And who wouldn’t want to add a little bit of rogue to their wardrobe?  There’s just something so cool about walking the line between rebellious and classic that I like, and as I’ve watched Diesel Black Gold season after season do this, they’ve quickly become one of my favorite designers!  Kudos!  Be sure to check out their entire line and support this awesome label at http://www.dieselblackgold.com or give them a shout out on twitter at @DieselBlackGold!  Also check out GQ’s coverage of their line here.

1372082302689_MRK_8615.450x675 1372082302688_MRK_8775.450x675 1372082302684_MRK_8761.450x675 1372082302680_MRK_8539.450x675 1372082302676_MRK_8435.450x675 1372082302675_MRK_8482.450x675 1372082302657_MRK_8490.450x675 1372082302653_MRK_8801.450x675 1372082302652_MRK_8751.450x675 1372082302638_MRK_8716.450x675

All photos from http://www.gq.com/fashion-shows/mens-collections/diesel-black-gold-mens-spring-2014


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