One of the coolest fashion websites I’ve seen.


When Cityblis sent me an invitation to check out their website almost a month ago, I have to confess that I didn’t check it out right away.  I had just assumed that it was “just another” fashion website trying to break into the digital world-I could not have been more wrong.  After receiving a second invite, I hopped online and saw for myself-quickly followed by an apology to Sam Bell their Media Director for not giving it the chance I should’ve!  The site truly is an amazing resource for the buyer and the researcher in the fashion world!

Featuring an extremely expansive catalogue of independent designers to directly buy from, designer profiles showcasing each designer’s “story” as well as high definition photos and video, and press releases and contact information where you can directly interact with the talent!  To my fellow bloggers, be sure to ask about getting an invite to their exclusive Meia Center where you can centrally locate and easily use a wide variety of media and content to feature the designers you love!  The website is pretty to look at and easy to navigate with a thorough search and filter tool to find exactly what I need as a designer!  Check it out at for yourself!

You all can look forward to me covering some of the incredible talent that the website features from all across the world!  From hat designers to denim specialists-cityblis has it all! 


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