You’re worth more than Gold.


Obviously, I’m a bit of a jewelry addict and one of the latest additions to my collection is a really cool gold cuff! I know, I know, it’s SCREAMING Rachel Zoe but I just had to have it. I love this piece because its really forced me to get out of my “silver comfort zone” a bit and even experiment with mixing metals! A cuff like this can and does go with just about anything! By itself or paired with several other bracelets-it’s the perfect all purpose bracelet! What do you think?!

(Purchased from Rue21 for 6 dollars!)


7 thoughts on “You’re worth more than Gold.

  1. L Beau says:

    In reading your post I had to laugh at the Rachel Zoe comment…I love to hate her haha! Love the gold cuff though…and you don’t see many people wearing them, at least that I’ve noticed.

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