Fashion Weeks.


I love fashion week. Or rather fashion weeks.  Internationally, when fashion week is going on, it’s one of the busiest and funnest times to be a fashion blogger.  It literally is back to back weeks of awesomeness.  There are so many designers with incredible talent in this world that I literally get giddy with excitement thinking about it!  One of the biggest reason why I even wanted to start a blog was to have a way to share all of my favorite designers and their collections with others who would appreciate them.  Now is such a time.  Or perhaps it’s the days on end of getting up at 2 AM to catch a show live online that I love so much.  Or maybe it’s the sheer inspiration that spawns out of being so exposed to so many creative style geniuses.  Long story short, I love fashion weeks.  You can be expecting me to gush about my favorites for the next few weeks from time to time.  Perhaps even tomorrow (After all, the DSquared2 show is at 3AM tonight my time…I’ll be there in spirit fo sho!).  


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