All Studded Up.


I got some new clothes from Zara yesterday, so obviously, I’m going to wear them today.  You DO NOT need to ever have a reason to wear something-if you want to, do it!  If you want to rock your new Balmain combat boots to Dunkin Donuts at 2 AM, then do it!  If you want to sport your new metallic Rock ‘N Republic sweatshirt to the gym, do it!  If fashion is about fun, then why would you ever need to justify what you wear beyond simply saying, “I wanted to wear this.”

Here I’m wearing a gem encrusted scoop neck T-Shirt (Zara) which I LOVE, studded drop crotch denim (Zara) which I LOVE, and of course, my studded loafers (Steve Madden) which I LOVE!  I know it’s alot of studs but today I’m all about dressing how I want to!

I’d encourage you to not make fashion about what everyone else is wearing, but rather, what do YOU want to wear!?  And then rock it, confidently, and uniquely!



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